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The Worst Characters in the MCU

From Esquire magazine, designed to piss you off at least once. But what fun!

It’s too bad they didn’t include characters from the X-Men universe.


Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs: Being Uncool

Philip Seymour Hoffman played legendary rock critic Lester Bangs in the classic film Almost Famous (2000), written & directed by Cameron Crowe. This video is a compilation of Hoffman’s scenes with William (Patrick Fugit), a stand-in for Crowe, who became a music critic for Rolling Stone when he was 15. These scenes are searing and true. If you’re uncool, you’ll understand.


Almost made Almost Famous

Watch this fun deleted scene from the classic film Almost Famous. Frances McDormand’s face is a wonder to watch.

Clarice & Hannibal’s 30th anniversary (on film)

It’s the 30th anniversary of The Silence of the Lambs (the film)…

Whedon & Johns

Wow, Joss Whedon & Geoff Johns are real asshats. I’ve heard rumblings about Whedon for a while (on Buffy, Firefly, Avengers), but not about Johns, who started out as a comic book writer. (He’s still one today.)

At least the 4-hour Zac Snyder version of Justice League erases the foul taste of Whedon’s sugar pops version.