I See No Angels (2004; second edition 2013)

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Revised Second Edition!

Enter a world without angels in three novellas, one each for Purgatory, Limbo, and Hell: The Priest’s Story or The Singing Bones, Wake Up and Breathe!, and The Gift Room. “The Gift Room knows no boundaries,” Father would say, “it knows no rules, only what we bring to it – only reflections.”

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Paperback is signed by the author and includes a special bookmark.

Kindle edition also available.

Published by Silk Raven Press. 288 pages.



Revised second edition!

In I See No Angels:

A priest becomes convinced that murdering an elderly parishioner is a necessary sacrifice and his last chance at redemption.

A man suffering from a sleep disorder finds himself surrounded by dead people—one or all of whom he may have killed.

A father teaches his family to disregard all boundaries, then stands witness to his wife and children exploding every taboo in order to destroy all they have ever known—except their objects of affection.

Enter a world without angels: three novellas, one each for Purgatory, Limbo, and Hell.

If there are no angels, who will take their place?

Available in paperback and for the Kindle!

6 reviews for I See No Angels (2004; second edition 2013)

  1. ReaderWriter7

    From ReaderWriter7 (New Orelans) on Amazon:

    “Think John Irving meets Chuck Palahniuk in a dark, dark bar. Harrington is funny and doesn’t flinch from his characters’ (obvious) flaws. And maybe that’s the point. As Jim Morrison once (drunkenly) intoned, ‘no one here gets out alive.’ “

  2. Nelson99

    From Nelson99 (Boston) on Amazon:

    “A disturbing and funny collection of three novellas, one for Purgatory, one for Limbo, and one for Hell. The first novella (The Priest’s Story) slams back and forth through time as a Catholic priest attempts to reconcile his spotty past by murdering an old lady (and saving her daughter). In the second novella (Wake Up and Breathe), the narrator suffers from sleep apnea, and every time he wakes up, he is in a different time of his life with a different murder on his hands. In the last novella (The Gift Room), the reader is again tossed through time as a family implodes under the weight of absolute freedom and a fetishistic attachment to ‘objects of affection.’ Well worth buying. It will make you laugh, but you’ll be looking over your shoulder the entire time.”

  3. Margaux Kent

    From Margaux Kent of Peg and Awl (pegandawlbuilt.com), scrawled on an early copy of the manuscript:

    “I love this book like few others!”

  4. Margaux Kent

    From Margaux Kent of Peg and Awl (pegandawlbuilt.com):

    “I am laughing harder at I See No Angels than I did to both John Irving and Mark Twain combined!”

  5. Kelly Stengel, CRNP

    You are good at what you do.
    I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to know what would happen next.

  6. Beth Meier

    From GoodReads!

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