Get Out, You Ghosts: Stories from the Workshops Volume II (2021)

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Some ghosts look back at us from a mirror,
while others hold us to a tragedy in our past.

This second volume of Stories from the Workshops consists of a novella and 9 short works whose characters attempt to bring the ghosts into the light or, instead, embrace what is spectral and nefarious.

Full description at the bottom of the book page.

Paperback is signed by the author and includes a special bookmark.

Kindle edition also available.

Published by Silk Raven Press. 297 pages.




“First I had to actually break free of the Scum and do it as quickly as possible
so that I had a ghost of a chance rather than a chance of becoming a ghost…”

In Get Out, You Ghosts: Stories from the Workshops Volume II, a husband and wife plot to kill one another, while their daughter begins dating the Mondauk Strangler…a family joins a small church, only to find themselves trapped by a domineering preacher and his vicious priest-holders…a good-looking high school boy has girls, literally, falling for him…a husband and his reticent wife travel to visit their son in a psychiatric facility, where he’s been remanded while on trial for the Roosevelt Mall Massacre…the truth behind the death of a famous writer—the shot heard ’round the world—threatens to be revealed during an excruciating family interview…to try to rescue her, a sister follows her twin to the Martyr School, an institution that instructs its students that to die by their own hands is to martyr themselves for God…and more.

Michael-Patrick Harrington, the author of Saving Magdalene and Sweater Girl and Other Tales of Mondauk County, presents a collection of tales that looks at the ghosts the characters flee from and those they leave behind.

Welcome, the Quick, the Dead, and the Damned.

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11 reviews for Get Out, You Ghosts: Stories from the Workshops Volume II (2021)

  1. Riloai

    From GoodReads:

    Four stars!

  2. Laurie

    From GoodReads:

    Three stars!

  3. Nat

    From GoodReads:

    An enjoyable set of stories. Good beach read.

  4. Mary

    From GoodReads:

    Good read.

  5. anonymous

    From Amazon:

    Three stars

  6. James McKinley

    From Goodreads:
    Four stars!

  7. Dr. Rebecca Walker

    The rest of us stay on this “treadmill” (with masks on) and you are producing these wonderful works of art.

  8. Emily

    From GoodReads:
    Three stars!

  9. Cierra

    From GoodReads:
    Don’t really know how to categorize this one. It’s “edgy” I guess and, depending on the story, it either worked alright or just sounded like a h*rny teenager wrote it.

  10. Deb

    From GoodReads:
    Three stars!

  11. nvsblmnstr

    From GoodReads:
    Four stars!

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