This Week’s Turntable…

  1. Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (1987)
  2. Young Loud and Snotty by the Dead Boys (1977)
  3. King of America by Elvis Costello & the Costello Show {the Confederates w/ the Attractions; 2CD Ryko reissue w/ the Live on Broadway EP} (1986; reissue 1995)
  4. The Next Day by David Bowie (2013)
  5. Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles (1967)
  6. Tim by the Replacements (1985)
  7. Hang Time by Soul Asylum (1988)
  8. Hooterization: A Retrospective by the Hooters {compilation} (1996)
  9. Damaged & Jealous Again by Black Flag {twofer} (Damaged 1981; Jealous Again EP 1980)
  10. Live in Texas by Lyle Lovett (1999)

Here a couple of videos that feature two of the above artists for you to enjoy!


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