This Week’s Turntable…

  1. Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam (2013)
  2. New by Paul McCartney (2013)
  3. The Squeeze Story {compilation; import} (2CDs; 2006)
  4. Siren by Roxy Music (1975)
  5. Loaded by the Velvet Underground (1970)
  6. Past Masters by the Beatles {compilation} (2CDs; originally released as two separate volumes 1988; remaster 2009)
  7. The Great Twenty-Eight by Chuck Berry {compilation} (1982)
  8. The Best of Talking Heads by Talking Heads {compilation} (2004)
  9. Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper (1975)
  10. One of the Boys by Katy Perry (2008)



Here are a couple of videos featuring the above artists:


Pearl Jam, “Sirens”



Paul McCartney, “New”



Clip of Paul McCartney on The Howard Stern Show (2013) from Howard TV






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