an honest-to-goodness police detective

In doing research (last minute research for a book that’s coming out this year, research for two books in the pipeline, and prep work research for a new novel that I’ll be starting soon), I’ve made some interesting contacts, including an official from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a former TPA operations officer.

The most interesting contact thus far has been Detective Jim Weiss of the Philadelphia Police Department. I used to know to know Jim when he was in high school. His band, Ubisunt, was on my independent record label, Triquetra Records. (Their CD will blow your hair back! Their live show was literally insane.)

Jim has been so generous with his time and knowledge. He has given me so much information, that it took days to study. I joked with him that I felt like I saw studying for the detective’s exam. Reading Jim’s responses and opinions, as well as actual police directives, has reinforced my opinion that from the best of us comes those who choose to become policemen/policewomen and firefighters.

Thank you, Jim!

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