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Martin Amis

RIP Martin Amis

The evolution of comic books

How comic books changed from books for children to something with significantly more depth.


Rushdie and book banning

Rushdie has fought censorship since 1988. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania has banned 456 books. Let that sink in for a second: book banning is real.


Banning books

Read the list of books that ignorant school boards and parents are trying to remove from reading lists and libraries. In some cases, the Trumpians have won and a particular book has been banned.
Note how they get around the word “banned” by using the word “removed” instead – all to “protect” their innocent, straight, white, Christian children from learning about something else other than their own “culture.” Oh, and sex is still bad. Absurd.
As a writer, I find that any attempt to ban or remove books because of their content or because you need to protect high school kids from reading To Kill a Mockingbird is quite simply censorship by another name.