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A real American hero

Hugs & kisses, my ass. Antifa – get a clue.
Here’s a real American hero. Watch with caution.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center Professor of Infectious Diseases Dr. William Schaffner said that for those who say vaccination is a personal choice, they are half-right.

“This is a little like driving on the red light. Yes, that’s your decision, puts you in danger, but endangers others also,” Schaffner said.

The death of the Republican party

“Conservatives who are not pro-white supremacy, pro-conspiracy, anti-science, and chock-full of grievances will need to create a new political party someday…”

Race baiting

Fox “News”…race baiting? Nah…

January 6 video & audio

Listen & watch this clip from January 6th’s insurrection. Tourists? Not. BLM, antifa? Um, no. The GOP loves the cops? See for yourself. This is a clip of a man trying to subvert the will of the people; this is a clip of the man’s followers trying to steal an election.

The anti-science party strikes again…

This is crazy! Read about the Republicans and children’s rights, as it comes to getting vaccinated.

Heather Cox Richardson

“Are you on the side of truth or lies; fact or fiction; justice or injustice; democracy or autocracy?”

“We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” Biden said today…. I’m not saying this to alarm you; I’m saying this because you should be alarmed.”
We must, President Biden said, have “the will to save and strengthen our democracy.”

You need to read Heather Cox Richardson’s latest dispatch.