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Women are now officially second class citizens. Your choice of what to do with your bodies are gone. Gay marriage and contraceptives are next. Just wait. They’ve already gutted voting rights and gun control.
The Trumpers, the Christian right, and the far right want to “return” the country back to when it was controlled by Anglo-Saxon Christian men. (They don’t know their history. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.)

The genius of his own mind, the ex-president (who lost by 7 million votes – count ’em – everyone else did) on Jun 17th in Tennessee:
“You can’t teach the Bible, but you can teach that men can get pregnant, and kindergartners can pick their own gender.”
“Pushing woke gender ideology, woke gender ideology, think of it, on young people is nothing less than child abuse…No teacher should be allowed to teach transgender to our children without parents’ consent.”
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The Beginning of the End?

The far right, the Christian right, and the followers of Dear Leader, the Trumpers…all of these people want to live under Taliban-like rule.
The minority rules this country, and they are overseeing the death of democracy.
“Our lives, our bodies,” cried Trumpers about getting a vaccine.
But that cry doesn’t apply to women’s bodies and their right to choose. Why? Because Jesus doesn’t like it? I DON’T CARE – THERE IS NO STATE RELIGION. Because these lovers of CERTAIN freedoms, want to adopt all these unwanted babies? OH, NO, NO.
Believe me, this is one more way that the Trumpers, the far right, and the Christian right are eroding our democratic republic.
Either we’ll end up an autocracy, or women (and men) will rise up at the polls and remove these Trump-loving, America-hating gangsters before they shove their religion and twisted ideologies down our throats.

Straight White Christian America Strikes Again

Anti-LGBTQ Trumpers oust a teacher and ban books…welcome to Straight White Christian America.