Conscience not Party

I’ve tried to stop making political posts. Too many trolls. No debate – just name-calling. But I have to say, for the first time in a long time, I respect John McCain. I always liked him. My dad did too. Vince was a lifelong Republican who despised Bush II. We agreed there, but we also agreed on McCain (and I’m a lifelong Democrat). But when McCain ran for president, he called himself a maverick too many times to count, then said he wasn’t, then pulled Sarah Palin out of theĀ obscurity in which she so clearly belonged. (Thank god for Tina Fey!) While I didn’t want McCain to win, I thought he was a great candidate – until he plainly wasn’t. He became wishy-washy. But last night’s Senate vote earned him the mantle of maverick once again. In the twilight of his time in public service, he served the public by following his conscience, not his party.

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