January 6

April 12, 1861
December 8, 1941
September 11, 2001
January 6, 2021
These are the dates that traitors or bullies or cowards or homegrown terrorists attacked our country. (Thank you, VP Harris for reminding me of some of those dates.)
President Biden, you inspired me today.
While I worry about what the guy who LOST the election & his followers will do in the future, I have no doubt that this administration will take the appropriate steps to counter them.
Our democratic republic must live on – and they don’t want it to.
So they whine about masks, scream that the election was stolen (with ZERO proof), argue about Critical Race Theory (which will be in every public school in a generation’s time, if not sooner), roar about Black Lives Matter, scream about their assault rifles, vilify the LGBTQ community, put down the Me Too movement, and claim that their religion is under attack (which is weird, since their behavior is decidedly NOT Christian; also odd because almost everyone I know is a Christian). True political debate is dead. It’s all about Trump’s ego and some clown (or clowns) named Q
Thank you again, President Biden, for reminding me that we must never forget January 6. We must learn from it and make sure it NEVER can happen again.

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