Love this…another far right bigot sticks his foot into his mouth…

From the Huffington Post

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Anti-Gay Restaurant Hilariously Pranked By Gay Rights Supporters
The Huffington Post

We’re willing to bet he didn’t see this one coming.

After Oklahoma restaurant owner Gary James gave an interview to a local news station explaining why he didn’t want to serve gay people, the story went viral.

“I really don’t want gays around,” James told local news station KFOR-TV in a video published Feb. 6. “Any man that would compromise his body would compromise anything.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, James’ comments rubbed the Internet the wrong way. The restaurant’s Facebook and Yelp pages, which had fewer than 10 reviews each last week, are now packed with hundreds of comments, many of which label Gary’s Chicaros Club as one of the best gay bars in northern Oklahoma.

“Ask for Gayry! He’s faaaaaaabuuuuulouths,” wrote one Yelp reviewer. “Like, I mean, O-M-G-Awethsome!”

“[This is] the best gay bar in Oklahoma!” remarked Faye Galbraith on Facebook. “Although I must say Gary is far from subtle…the way he struts around in his sparkly pink mankini made me a tad uncomfortable.”

Some of the reviews weren’t quite so enthusiastic, however. Alex H. from Kentucky observed that he “thought this place was going to be cheap,” but noted that the “all male review night” forced him “to whip out all [his] singles.”

Yet perhaps the most powerful reviewer opted to be sincere rather than sarcastic.

“As a combat vet who fought for all Americans [sic] freedom, I hope you and your bigoted views change,” Scott from Washington said. “I will never eat a bite of food in this pit you call a restaurant. You are an embarrassment to this land. You are anti American.”

James doesn’t limit his bigotry to homosexuals. He’s been accused of refusing to serve disabled people and has said hateful things about welfare recipients, too. The restaurant’s motto is “Where The Great Whites Gather,” and its signature T-shirts disparage Muslims, blacks and Democrats.

Although Oklahoma protects people from being turned away from businesses for their race, gender or religion, it does not offer that protection for sexual orientation.

The Huffington Post did not immediately hear back from James on Monday.

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