Texas abortion law

I know the new Texas law bans abortions after the 6th week, but Trumpers/pro”lifers” must believe that SOMEWHERE in Texas illegal abortions are being performed, or else they wouldn’t be forming their little web sites and such to try to catch a woman who is, say, 10 weeks pregnant.
Which brings me to my questions. But first I will admit that I cannot tell how far along someone is just by looking at them. Maybe some people can. Now these pro-“lifers” can sue anyone aiding & abetting an illegal abortion. But how would they know the woman is past six weeks? They cannot walk up to the front desk of a women’s care facility and ask. HIPAA protects the privacy of all patients everywhere. It is a federal law, which supersedes state laws.
Unless someone has personal information about the woman in question (and by personal information I mean they live next door to her or know her from work, that sort of thing), how will these pro-“lifers” know?

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