Racists & bad TV

But of course…the same racists & Trumpers who attacked Star Wars for having people of color in the cast are back because they don’t like a Black elf.

And don’t tell me it’s because Professor Tolkien described them as FAIR and wise.
Because this sad excuse for a “Middle-Earth” series is nothing more than Amazon’s attempt to create their own Game of Thrones using Tolkien’s legendarium as its base. Tolkien fanatics beware. This mildly entertaining program is as disrespectful and blasphemous as Peter Jackson’s Hobbit cash cow. You don’t have to be respectful of every word. Directors and screenwriters are artists too. Jackson created masterpieces with his Lord of the Rings films. (This was before Jackson & Warner Bros. got greedy with The Hobbit, turning a roughly 300 page book into 3 three hour movies…just like they did for LOTR, but that book is almost 1,200 pages.) But Amazon shouldn’t pretend that they’re making a TV series about the astounding world that Tolkien created. They just came up with their own characters and situations, as if there weren’t enough already there. Yes, yes, they only had the rights to the LOTR and its appendices. (Thank god the Tolkien family would never sell the film rights to The Silmarillion!) But they could have easily just started their own fantasy TV series. It’s all about the almighty buck. The sad thing is that some younger viewers who haven’t read the books will think this is what Tolkien’s work is all about.

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