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My first demo (in 20 years) – “I’m Not Ready for the Fall”

Just click on this link & it will take you to Google Drive & you can listen to my demo.

“I’m Not Ready for the Fall” by Michael-Patrick & the Poetics

Written by Michael-Patrick Harrington
Spiritual guru: Sir Duke

This is a WAV file, and on my laptop it compressed the file so much, you could hardly hear the bass.

There is no intro and no bridge (unfortunately).

So it goes:


Followed by the outro

1. Electric guitar—clean (Fender Telecaster)
2. Electric guitar—with vintage tube overdrive effect & chorus effect (Fender Telecaster)
3. Acoustic guitar (Gibson J-180 EC acoustic-electric)
4. Bass guitar (Fender Jazz Special)
5. Drum machine (Boss Dr. Rhythm)
6. Egg shaker



Jerry Lee

RIP Jerry Lee Lewis, on of the all-time greats…


Cassettes are back!

I’m selling laser discs through my mail order company.

I’m afraid that 8-tracks will make a comeback!

New footage from Jan. 6: Pelosi, Schumer, & Pence holding the Republic together

Never before seen footage from January 6. You have to keep scrolling down to watch all the videos. Sounds & looks to me like Speaker Pelosi & Leader Schumer along with then-Vice President Pence were doing their best to keep our Republic up & running. They were doing the president’s job, while the actual president (at the time) was tweeting angrily about Pence and probably stuffing his face with a Big Mac as he gleefully watched HIS mob storm OUR Capitol.