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Gaslighting America

Gaslighting America with Erin Burnett

Representative Liz Cheney

I’m not a Liz Cheney fan. She’s a REAL conservative, and I’m a liberal through & through. But her powerful speech in the House last night made clear that there are REAL conservatives looking to better the world, and then there are those RINOs who believe and spurt the Big Lie.
I’m with Rep. Cheney on this: speak the truth no matter what, even if it means losing power.


Here’s the first page of an article (courtesy of Mr. Craig Smith) about my old record store Disc/Connection (1994-1999). It’s nice see all the boys again and super-nice to see the late Kirby, who belonged to Christopher & Lisa Kaelin, my friends and partners during the first year and a half or so.

Steve Hassan

Cult-exit specialist Steve Hassan and his organization, the Freedom of Mind Resource Center, even help people exit the Trump cult.

The Worst Characters in the MCU

From Esquire magazine, designed to piss you off at least once. But what fun!

It’s too bad they didn’t include characters from the X-Men universe.