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Stephen Sondheim

RIP Stephen Sondheim

All the Marvel Trailers 1998-2021 – UPDATED!

It’s here! The updated Marvel Trailers video!

Starting with Blade in 1998 and going up to Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home (both 2021), this video from ALL THE TRAILERS has every live-action Marvel trailer, from both movies and television.

4 hours long! The quality of the trailers is kind of rough for the earlier releases, but it gets way better after that! For television series, there is a a trailer for every season.


This is an awesome win for all of us…

Booster shot

I received my booster shot today! 3 shots – collect ’em all!

I have Multiple Sclerosis,, so I am immunocompromised. I am so grateful that the people around me are vaccinated.

CNN’s John King told the world he has MS. Regarding vaccination, he said, “The data is overwhelming.”