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“…this radical attempt to destroy the principles of the Declaration of Independence”

160 years ago, the Civil War began. In some ways, the principles our country defended against the southern traitors are principles we are still fighting for every day. In many obvious ways, Minneapolis has become ground zero for this battle.


This article is startling…

Whedon & Johns

Wow, Joss Whedon & Geoff Johns are real asshats. I’ve heard rumblings about Whedon for a while (on Buffy, Firefly, Avengers), but not about Johns, who started out as a comic book writer. (He’s still one today.)

At least the 4-hour Zac Snyder version of Justice League erases the foul taste of Whedon’s sugar pops version.

How Covid-19 was handled during the first year

A sobering look at how Covid-19 was handled during the first year.

Dominion lawsuit

Here’s a good breakdown of the Dominion lawsuit.



The armed mob wants an apology

This is unbelievable. The armed mob wants an apology. This is Trump’s legacy: this is the white mans’ land.