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What happened?

What happened to the Republican party? Why are they worshiping a golden calf when a majority of the GOP calls themselves Christians?



Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs: Being Uncool

Philip Seymour Hoffman played legendary rock critic Lester Bangs in the classic film Almost Famous (2000), written & directed by Cameron Crowe. This video is a compilation of Hoffman’s scenes with William (Patrick Fugit), a stand-in for Crowe, who became a music critic for Rolling Stone when he was 15. These scenes are searing and true. If you’re uncool, you’ll understand.


My 2 New Books Have Been Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of my 2 new books on Silk Raven Press:

Everything’s Ephemeral: Stories from the Workshops Volume I
Get Out, You Ghosts: Stories from the Workshops Volume II

These are my 6th and 7th books. They are available as paperbacks or Kindle versions.

You can buy signed copies of my books on this website. There’s even a special offer if you buy both books in paperback! The books come with special bookmarks too.

They are also available on Amazon and other outlet

Thank you & I hope you enjoy the books!

PS Please leave reviews either on my website or on Amazon. I would really appreciate it!

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Almost made Almost Famous

Watch this fun deleted scene from the classic film Almost Famous. Frances McDormand’s face is a wonder to watch.


This article reminded me that we have another big election cycle next year. I’m still exhausted from the last one, which ended with traitors storming the Capitol.